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The healing effects of Delta and Theta frequencies in meditation

The healing effects of Delta and Theta frequencies in meditation - Soulshinecreators

The meditation provided contains powerful frequencies that will guide you to a state of deep, dreamless sleep. Delta frequencies have a profound healing and regenerative effect on the body. The Rife Frequency included in this meditation is specifically designed to relax your muscles, providing relief for any pain you may be experiencing, particularly in your back.

Theta Frequency, another frequency utilized in this meditation, not only aids in pain relief but also supports a deeper and more restful sleep. This is crucial for your overall healing process.

One of the frequencies used in this meditation is 360 Hz, which is derived from the Golden Section or Golden Ratio. This frequency creates a harmonious balance and has a natural ability to evoke feelings of joy and healing. When you immerse yourself in this frequency, you will feel enveloped in a warm golden light that fills your being.

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Interestingly, NASA astronauts have discovered that the Earth emits a tone in space at the exact frequency of 360 Hz. This further highlights the significance and power of this frequency in promoting well-being and harmony.

In addition to these frequencies, this meditation incorporates various Rife frequencies to address specific issues within the body. For instance, certain frequencies are targeted towards reducing inflammation and promoting healing throughout the body. When we experience pain, it often signifies an underlying problem within our bodies. By focusing on these frequencies, you can aid in the healing process and alleviate discomfort.

Furthermore, muscle relaxation is an essential aspect of pain management. When we experience pain, our muscles tend to tense up. By using the appropriate frequencies, this meditation aims to deeply relax your muscles, providing relief and contributing to the improvement of any back-related issues you may be facing.

Included in this meditation are the following frequencies:
- 0.5 Hz and 2.5 Hz Delta Frequency
- 360 Hz for feelings of joy and healing
- 5 Hz Theta Frequency

By immersing yourself in this meditation and embracing these frequencies, you are embarking on a journey of self-healing, relaxation, and spiritual growth. Allow the power of these frequencies to guide you towards inner peace and well-being.


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